Conceptronic CSVWCRPB StreamVault? Wireless Card Reader with Powerbank

Conceptronic CSVWCRPB StreamVault? Wireless Card Reader with Powerbank
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CONCEPTRONIC CSVWCRPB (StreamVault Wireless Card Reader w/ Powerbank, 5000mAh Li-Po SD, SDHC, SDXC Wi-Fi 480 Mbit/s Zwart)

The StreamVault Wireless Card Reader with Powerbank allows you to wirelessly transfer data between storage devices, supporting both SD card and USB input.

The StreamVault also provides a powerful mobile power source with a high capacity 5000mAh battery to keep your files moving all day long up to 12 hours of continuous streaming.

The innovative device can stream up to 5 devices simultaneously, and also allows you to share your wireless signal, acting as a mobile hotspot for other devices within network range.

A compact, powerful mobile media centre in one small and convenient reader


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